Feb, 2012
Barley is @ $0.22lb
Each pound of Barley makes 8 Pounds of Fodder. 1 Fodder biscuit = 16lbs; That's $0.44 for a Day's feed!!
Are you paying to much for your Livestock feed?

Jan, 2012
1st Fodder System purchased with USDA Assistance!

Buy American!

Fodder Northwest's new product line
  (through Sun Roads Farmory)

    Will provide an innovative way for various livestock owners to produce feed year round in a totally controlled environment. This gives you the ability to provide a consistent high nutrient 100% organic green feed to your animals regardless of weather or market conditions. The systems are designed with robust and user friendly technologies while using state-of-the-art growing methods gained from many years of research and product development. The product models are available in modular sized fully transportable containers from our smallest size (Approx ~ 9'8" x 4'5"w x 7'9"h) to full turnkey custom designed commercial systems providing for the feed needs to match the small farmer/rancher/hobbyist up to commercial farms and ranches. This will enable you to enhance your efforts of protecting and preserving our natural resources as well as reducing your feeding costs while feeding your livestock a fresher, healthier form of feed.

    Some of the Key Process Benefits
  • Optimum production, Accelerated growth, High yield in a very small area, Low water consumption, Low energy consumption.
  • Usable pass through water for animals or garden.
  • Easy maintenance, Trouble free operations.
  • Ultra-premium feeds, Feeds produced anywhere in the world regardless of temperature and growing seasons.
  • Improved feed conversion on poor quality pastures
  • Improved conception rates
  • Improved weaning rates in herds on poor quality pastures
  • Fewer health problems
  • Drought proof your property
  • Grow your own organic feed on farm all year round
  • Improved fleece characteristics in sheep, alpacas and goats
  • Greatly improved performance of early weaned calves and lambs
  • Reduced recovery time after hard work
  • Stimulation of appetite, especially during conditions of heat stress
  • Improvements in behavior, i.e., reduction of “fizz” in horses
  • Great improvements in general appearance & coat gloss
  • Substantial improvements in hoof quality & strength
  • Improved milk yields.
Email info@FodderNW.com
Mark (503) 706-3254
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Inside the AFS-99 Unit;Produces 36 Biscuts EVERY day

Think Green, Be Green!

Barley seeds being started

1st Harvest of Hydroponic Barley; Top row 5 Days, 2 bottom rows 6 Days!